The following is a list of the packing supplies that we have for sale at DK Love Movers LLC. At DK Love Movers LLC, we will provide you a full refund on all unused boxes.

Small Box 16″x12″x12″ Heavy items such as books, records, and tools.
Medium Box 18″x18″x16″ Ideal for shoes, purses, pots and pans, and toys.
Large Box 18″x18″x24″ Lamp shades, bulky blankets, and towels.
Dish Pack 18″x18″x28″ Heavy Duty box with dividers.
Glass Pack 24″x12″x12″ Heavy Duty with dividers.
Wardrobe 24″x20″x46″ Hang clothes directly from closet. Use for yard tools.
Mattress Bags All sizes Protect mattresses and box springs.
Bubble Wrap 12″x12″ sheets Ideal for all breakables.
Packing Paper 10 pounds Designed for wrapping your breakable items.
Craft Paper 30″x1200′ roll Ideal for protecting new carpets and floors.
Stretch Wrap Roll Included in moving service quote. Protects upholstered items and holds cabinets closed during transit.
Tape Roll Heavy duty tape ideal for the toughest jobs.

All moving supplies are sold separately.